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What is Physical Verification?

Physical verification is the process of confirming the existence and accuracy of a physical location, address, contact point & any other data point. It involves deploying trained professionals to physically visit and inspect sites to validate details against provided data. RBI strongly recommends that banks and financial institutions perform thorough due diligence, including physical visits if required to merchant premises, before allowing onboarding on their platforms.

Risks & Challenges of Improper Due Diligence

Financial losses

Improper due diligence can lead to significant financial losses due to fraud.

Regulatory penalties

Non-compliance with regulations may result in fines and legal consequences.

Reputation damage

Lack of due diligence can harm a company's reputation and trust among customers.

Operational inefficiencies

Without proper due diligence, businesses may waste resources on unproductive ventures.

Key Use Cases

Contact point verification ensures the accuracy and authenticity of the physical information provided by individuals or businesses.
Key features
Address Validation
The primary feature involves validating the provided address by a physical visit by on-ground verifier.
Trust Building
Fosters trust and credibility by ensuring accurate information collection in the field such as bank information, identity information, physical documents.
Geo-location Data Collection
Captures geo-location information like longitude & latitude to further validate the provided details.
Fraud Prevention
Minimizes the risk of fraudulent activities through thorough data collection and validation.

Features & Benefits

Gridlines physical verification solutions provide distinctive features and advantages.
Pan India Coverage
Nationwide network of trained and vetted field verification agents across India
Tailored Verification
Customizable checklists and requirements to verify data points per each client's specific needs
Fraudulent Claims Prevention
Enhanced verification crucial for secure insurance claims processing
Thorough Evidence Collection
Comprehensive evidence collection including photographs, video documentation and geolocation metadata
Stringent Quality Control
Robust quality assurance process with multi-level auditing to ensure accurate and defensible results

Why Gridlines?

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