Use Cases

Driving License verification

Driving License (DL) is widely accepted as proof of identity and address both. As an output, it provides name, address and other demographic details of an individual.

Include Driving License in your KYC solutions to give your users more options to prove their identity while signing up for your services. DL verification can also be used to onboard drivers, bikers, delivery executives of various transpotation, logistics and eCommerce organizations.

Key Features
Identify Invalid Licenses
Detect fake or suspended licenses to ensure driver legitimacy.
Combat Fraudulent Drivers
Identify invalid or suspended licenses for enhanced security.
Effortless Integration
Plug-and-play API for easy addition to your systems.
Better Risk Assessment
Gain valuable driver insights for informed decisions.
Our Offerings
per verification
Why Gridlines
Real-Time Verification
Gridlines connects directly to official databases, providing instant verification of license validity and information. No more waiting periods or room for manual errors.
Fraud Detection
Advanced algorithms help identify potential forgeries or tampered licenses, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity.
Effortless Integration
Gridlines integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, allowing for quick and easy verification within your workflow.
Rest assured that Gridlines adheres to all relevant data privacy regulations, keeping your business and user information secure.

Easy to Use APIs with extensive documentation

curl --request POST \
--url \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'X-API-Key: ' \
--header 'X-Auth-Type: ' \
--data '{
"driving_license_number": "TS12XXXXXXXXXXX",
"date_of_birth": "1981-XX-XX",
"consent": "Y"
Protect your capital, reputation & prevent yourself from frauds.