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Optimize Payment Approvals with Secure Transaction Solutions
Use future-proof payments ecosystem for payment screening and unlock real time alerts with smarter risk management.
Lifetime API calls
Positive verifications
Fraud attempts highlighted
Securing Payments: API Solutions for Enhanced Security and Efficiency
Real-time verification APIs swiftly and accurately authenticate customer bank account and payment source identities, reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions and enhancing payment security. Our customized solutions provide powerful tools that streamline processes, mitigate risks, and uphold the highest standards of security and compliance within the payment industry. Our APIs facilitate the verification and retrieval of payment sources such as UPI IDs using mobile numbers, ensuring seamless and reliable transactions.
Why Gridlines?
Seamless Payment Processing with Real-time Verification
Scalable Solutions to Handle Increased Transaction Volumes
Actionable Transaction Insights for Informed Decision-Making
Customizable Solutions to Suit Unique Payment Requirements
Enhanced Trust and Customer Satisfaction through Reliable Verification
Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings Enabled by Automated Processes
APIs for Every Use Case
Aadhaar Verification
PAN Verification
Liveness Check
Other Use Cases
Protect your capital, reputation & prevent yourself from frauds.