Trust and Safety on the Popular Matrimonial Sites and Dating Platforms with Gridlines APIs

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Matrimonial websites and dating apps are a popular and convenient way for people to find partners. However, they also face some unique challenges when it comes to an individual’s ability to trust a stranger.

Product Managers of such platforms have been trying to solve this challenge and make their products a safe place for users. 

If you are a product manager having to answer these tough questions, the answer lies in Gridlines APIs. 

  • How can you ensure that your users are who they claim to be and are honest about their personal and financial information? 
  • How can you prevent fake profiles, scams, and frauds that can damage your reputation and revenue? 
  • How can you increase user satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement by creating a safe and trustworthy environment for them?

The answer is Gridlines’ APIs!

Gridlines is a platform that offers a suite of APIs for every use case that can help you verify various aspects of a user, including but not limited to identity, gender, age, employment history, and credit score. By using Gridlines’ APIs, you can improve your user verification process, reduce the risk of fraud and chargebacks, and consequently increase your conversion rate and retention rate. 

Gridlines’ APIs are designed to make user verification easy and effective for matrimonial websites and dating platforms.

They allow you to verify the identity, gender, age, employment history, and credit score of your users instantly. You can integrate Gridlines’ APIs into your system with a few lines of code and customize them according to your needs and preferences with super ease. You can also monitor and manage your verification results and analytics through a user-friendly dashboard. Gridlines’ APIs are easy to integrate, secure, compliant, and scalable.

Here are some of the APIs that are recommended for matrimonial user onboarding. Please note that all APIs must be utilized with the consent of the user to comply with privacy regulations. 

  • Aadhaar API: This API allows you to verify the Aadhaar details of your users by enabling users to: (i) scan their Aadhaar image for OCR and face match against a selfie, and/or (ii) validating Aadhaar number and get basic information, and/or (iii)  entering the Aadhaar number followed by the OTP send on registered mobile for electronic KYC or eKYC. Aadhaar verifications allow you to conduct identity verification, as well as gender and date of birth check. 
  • PAN API: This API allows you to verify the details of a user associated with a PAN number. This includes name, father/guardian’s name, date of birth, gender, last 4 digits of Aadhaar, address, mobile, and email ID as per the income tax database.  
  • Facematch API: This API allows you to verify the image on any ID proof against the selfie. The ID proof can be Aadhaar, PAN, Driving Licence, or Voter ID. 
  • Credit API: This API allows you to verify the credit score of your users by accessing their credit reports from CIBIL and/or other credit bureaus. This way, you can ensure that your users have a good credit history and financial stability.
  • Employment History API: This API allows you to verify the employment history of your users just by the mobile number, which can be used to get the UAN information, and check for employment history as per EPFO records. 

There are other verifications and background checks that can be done using Gridlines and OnGrid APIs, including address verification, criminal record checks, police record verification, compensation verification, education record verification, etc. However, it is always advisable to have these conducted with consent, where a potential partner is willing to go through these verifications and checks. Workflows can be built in matrimonial websites and dating apps to enable this in a fashion, where both potential partners mutually agree to go through these verifications and checks. 

In a trust-deficit society like India, such small technology interventions can go a long way in making matrimonial websites and dating apps far more effective, as well as safe.

The most important challenge that the product manager would need to solve is that of perception, where these verifications should not seem intrusive to any one of those two potential partners. 
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